Who is eligible for an account on College of Engineering computers?

The following are eligible for an account for the College of Engineering:

  • All Faculty teaching in the College of Engineering
  • All Staff Members in a College of Engineering Department
  • Researchers in a College of Engineering Department
  • Students taking a College of Engineering Course

 Additionally, faculty and staff members with a College of Engineering account can invite users or new staff/faculty members using the Request an account invitation link at https://accounts.engr.ucsb.edu/.

If you are a new faculty, staff, or researcher, you will need your PI or management officer to submit an invitation for your account.

Students - If you are an extension student, you will need to come to Harold Frank Hall 1140E with a photo ID and proof of enrollment, due to Extension enrollment system is outside the GOLD system.  Otherwise, if you are a student who is crashing/adding the course, we will need proof of addition/enrollment before an account can be set up.

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