How to configure Gmail to send email through our mail servers.

These instructions are on how to setup Gmail to send email from your COE email address via our servers.

1. Login to Gmail

2. Click on the Gear icon in the top right corner of Gmail, then select Settings.

3. Select the Accounts tab and then choose Add another email address that you own.

4. Enter your name, engineering email address, and uncheck the treat as an alias button. Then go to the next step. If your ECI email address is not at that is fine, just put in the correct email address (e.g. below and follow the rest of the steps.

5. Select to Send throguh SMTP srevers. Fillout the options like in the example below. Use your ECI username and password. Also make sure you select TLS.

6. Now when you go to compose an email you can choose from which email address you send your email.

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Brian Sandler
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