Development of novel technologies for discovery of high performance affinity reagents

Ph.D. Dissertation, Jinpeng (JP) Wang (2013)


Building better diagnostics through directed evolution of biomolecules and by harnessing ubiquitous technology

Ph.D. Dissertation, Kareem M. Ahmad (2012)


Development of Advanced Electrochemical Sensors for DNA Detection at the Point of Care

Ph.D. Dissertation, Kuangwen Hsieh (2012)


Advancements in directed evolution techniques towards nucleic acid materials with complex functionalities

Ph.D. Dissertation, Seung Soo Oh (2012)


Development of Novel Integrated Microfluidic Electrochemical Point-of-Care Sensors for Pathogen Detection and Continuous Drug Monitoring

Ph.D. Dissertation, Brian Scott Ferguson (2011)


High Performance at Low Cost: Exploiting Micro-scale Magnetic and Acoustic Phenomena in Microfluidic Devices for High-throughput Cell Sorting Applications
Ph.D. Dissertation, Jonathan D. Adams (2010)

  Development of Novel Microfluidic Cell Sorters Using Dielectrophoresis and Magnetophoresis
Ph.D. Dissertation, Unyoung Kim (2009)

Development of Novel Microfluidic Separation Techniques using Dielectrophoresis and Magnetophoresis
Ph.D. Dissertation, Karen Qian (2008)


Controlled Encapsulation of Beads into Micro-droplets for Emulsion Polymerase Chain Reaction

M.S. Thesis, Etienne Lancon (2011)

  Towards a Micro Total Analysis System by Integrating Continuous Magnetic Cell Sorting and On-chip Polymerase Chain Reaction
M.S. Thesis, Amarendra Singh (2006)
  Towards the Detection of Blood - and Food Borne Pathogens via On-Chip Polymerase Chain Reaction and Electronic DNA Detection
M.S. Thesis, Paul Banicevic (2005)
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