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Dynamical Systems and Nonlinear Control Theory

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Welcome to the beta!

Welcome to the beta version of the new Mezic Research Group website! The design is still the default one and the theme and imagery will be updated in the following week. But content is nearly done -- what is left is your contribution.

To make this website work, please do the following:
  1. Check your entry in the People section. Send me your contact information and/or photo if it is missing. If you have your own website that you would like to link to here, please send that too. If you don't have your website, and you would like to include a biographical snippet of text here (e.g. see G. Gilmore's page) then include that. I could also host your CV and link to it if you would like that.

    To sum up, what is needed here:

    • Photo (jpeg please, if your photo is not up),
    • E-mail,
    • Office address,
    • Office phone,
    • Bio snippet (optional),
    • Personal website link (optional)
    • CV (optional)


  2. Currently, the Research tab hosts topic descriptions from the old website. These will be replaced by new texts that you should write.

    For each research topic you are working on, please send two paragraphs: a really short one (sentence or two) and a second one, describing your topic in more detail. Igor stressed that you should take this part seriously: the deadline for this part is April 10. You should cc him on the same e-mail and he said he would proof-read and, possibly, comment on your text. This part should be viewed as an exercise in quick presentation of your topic to an interested non-expert. In addition, for each topic, please suggest one of the categories of topics (see Research menuitem) that your topic fits in.

    In addition, please provide at least one image to accompany text: it can be a sketch, a generated graph, something to complement your text - the prettier the better. If you have more than one image, they are welcome. Use png format for computer-generated images, jpg format for photos.

    Movies also more than welcome, in virtually any format. (At this point there is some difficulty playing swf Flash movies, but flv format works fine. So if you have those, please provide flv and I'll let you know when I resolve the issue.) Each media item should be accompanied by a short caption. If your media is larger than a megabyte-two, don't send it through e-mail - I'll stop by your office to copy it to a USB drive.

    If you have any projects that you have worked on previously, but aren't working on it anymore, it would be nice to have a similar description for it too as the website will maintain an archive of closed research topics. (you can see the archive of some old topics if you click through March and April in Topics Archive)

  3. Please go through the Publication list and see if any of your papers are missing and/or the references to them are incorrect.
  4. Please click to Links in the horizontal menu on the top. You'll see some categories for links. Let me know if you're collaborating with anyone on your projects that you think should be linked to on the website. Analogously for other categories of links.
  5. In the future, please let me know about any updates, papers that have been accepted for publication and any talk/poster sessions that you are giving. I'm going to try and keep the website up-to-date so we don't have to do big revampings like this every year or two.
  6. I'll appreciate any comments that you might have on the website in general. I will also try to accommodate your suggestions on how to improve the website, if the website software allows for such a modification.
Thanks for reading all the way to down here! ;)
Marko ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )
Last Updated on Tuesday, 14 April 2009 09:39