Mezić Research Group

Dynamical Systems and Nonlinear Control Theory

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Visitor: Dr. Stefan Siegmund

Dr. SiegmundOn Thu, 18 Mar, 2010, Dr. Stefan Siegmund, of TU Dresden [link], will be visiting our group, and giving a talk on the same day between 4 and 5pm, titled "Dynamics and Control in Fluids, Engineering and Biochemistry". The room is tentatively scheduled as ESB 1001.

Short talk abstract:
Dynamics and Control in Fluids, Engineering and Biochemistry

In this talk we give an overview of modern methods and examples of dynamical
modeling and control for three challenges:

1. Dynamical analysis of transport problems
2. Networked control systems
3. Dynamical network-analysis for biological systems

We highlight ideas and concepts to make the talk widely accessible.

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