Mezić Research Group

Dynamical Systems and Nonlinear Control Theory

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Mezić, Igor (2005), "Spectral properties of dynamical systems, model reduction and decompositions", Nonlinear Dynamics, 41: 309--325.

In this paper we discuss two issues related to model reduction of deterministic or stochastic processes. The first is the relationship of the spectral properties of the dynamics on the attractor of the original, high-dimensional dynamical system with the properties and possibilities for model reduction. We review some elements of the spectral theory of dynamical systems. We apply this theory to obtain a decomposition of the process that utilizes spectral properties of the linear Koopman operator associated with the asymptotic dynamics on the attractor. This allows us to extract the almost periodic part of the evolving process. The remainder of the process has continuous spectrum. The second topic we discuss is that of model validation, where the original, possibly high-dimensional dynamics and the dynamics of the reduced model - that can be deterministic or stochastic - are compared in some norm. Using the "statistical Takens theorem" proven in (Mezic, I. and Banaszuk, A. Physica D, 2004) we argue that comparison of average energy contained in the finite-dimensional projection is one in the hierarchy of functionals of the field that need to be checked in order to assess the accuracy of the projection.

Spectral Theory Of Dynamical Systems, Prediction, Model Reduction, Channel Flows, Energy Growth, Shear-Flow

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