Research group of M Scott Shell
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Our research focuses on several problems in contemporary biophysics and condensed matter theory, using modern tools of statistical mechanics and molecular simulation: 
  • folding and design principles in proteins 
  • peptide structure, self-assembly, and aggregation
  • water and aqueous solutions
  • multiscale modeling and advanced molecular simulation methods 
  • Congratulations to Nikolai Petsev for winning a Dow Discovery Fellowship!
  • Congratulations to Carolyn Mills on graduating with the class of 2013 and winning an NSF Graduate Research fellowship!
  • Congratulations to former members Doga Ulupinar and Rafael Prato on graduating with the class of 2013!
  • Congratulations to Scott Carmichael on winning a Dean's Fellowship for 2013-2014!
  • New postdoctoral position opening April 2013.  See details here.
  • Congratulations to Avi Chaimovich on a successful Ph.D. defense!  [Jan. 2013]
  • Congratulations to Carolyn Mills on being selected as a Beckman Scholar!

Department of Chemical Engineering  |  University of California Santa Barbara