UCSB Engineering

Major Requirements

Requirements for each major are specific to your curriculum year. Your curriculum year usually corresponds to the school year when you started at UCSB as an engineer, however, your curriculum year may change due to one of the following circumstances:

  • Change of major: If you have changed your major, you were placed on the curriculum at the time of the major change.
  • Break in enrollment: Undergraduate students admitted fall 1997 or later who interrupt their studies at UCSB with one or more breaks totalling nine quarters or more (excluding summer sessions) will be required to follow a newer catalog year. They would have to follow the same new catalog year for all degree requirments (including all University requirement and College requirements).

If you know which curriculum year you are supposed to follow, major sheets may be found in one of the following locations:

If you are unsure of which curriculum to follow, please consult with an advisor in the Undergraduate Studies Office.

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