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Taking Courses at Other Institutions

One common point of confusion that our advisors hear on a regular basis is: "but I heard we can't take major requirements anywhere else". In reality, students can take major or GE requirements at other institutions, but there are a couple of general guidelines regarding taking courses elsewhere:

  • Courses may not be taken concurrently at UCSB and another institution without prior approval from the College of Engineering with the exception of courses taken during summer session.
  • Determine how the course will be applied before taking the class. See below for information on how this can be done for specific types of institutions.
  • Courses taken elsewhere will not be included in the GPAs calculated for change of major or advancement to the full major (CS and CE), with one exception (See Other UC Campuses below).
  • If a student has recieved credit for a course at UCSB (D- or greater), they may not recieve credit for an equivalent class taken at another institution. This includes couses which a student would be eligible to repeat at UCSB. See "Other UCs" below for the onle exception to this rule.
  • If a student recieved an "F" grade in a course at UCSB, they may take the course at another institution for unit and subject credit. The course taken elsewhere will not replace the original grade in the GPA calculation

See the type of institution below for more specific information.

California Community Colleges

The biggest benefit to taking classes at a California Community College is that all of the courses have been prearticulated by the applicable departments at UCSB. To view the course articulations, please visit the ASSIST website. Other important information:

  • Transferable courses taken at community colleges will earn a student units and subject credit, but the grades will not transfer and will not be included in any GPAs.
  • UCSB will grant a maximum of 105 transfer units for community college courses. Once the 105 unit maximum has been reached, the Admissions office will still grant subject credit, but not units.
  • All courses taken at a community college are considered lower division, even if the equivalent course is upper division at UCSB.

Other UC Campuses

There are a number of condition which make taking courses at another UC campus very unique when compared to the Community Colleges or non-UC four year schools.

  • Courses taken at another UC campus will appear on your UCSB transcript and will be counted in your GPA's. For students looking to raise their GPA, a UC campus is the only option.
  • On occasion, courses taken at another UC campus may be used as authorized repeats of classes taken at UCSB in which the student earned a C- or below. In order for an authorized repeat to be approved, the courses must be identical (i.e. same material covered, same book, etc.).
  • Anyone may enroll in a UC summer session. If you want to take classes at another UC during a standard term, please talk to an academic advisor well in advance of the quarter in which you would like to enroll.
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