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Welcome new Freshmen for Fall 2013!

Check list for Freshmen

Summer Orientation

Get a head start at UCSB, sign-up for Orientation
and FSSP

Discover Engineering scene

Discover Engineering: the College of Engineering’s welcome event

  • Sign up now for Summer Orientation – there are programs for both students and parents. Check out the Freshman Summer Start Program to get a head start on your degree.
  • Activate your UCSB umail account and remember to check it daily – this is the official email that the campus and College uses to correspond with you.
  • Update your Facebook profile and become a fan of UCSB College of Engineering. Follow @UCSBEngineering on Twitter.
  • Start packing for college and get ready for Move-in weekend at campus residence halls, September 21-22
  • Attend the New Student Convocation on September 23
  • Check out UCSB Discovery Days activities taking place September 23-25
  • Sign-up for the Analytical Writing Placement Exam (for students who have not yet satisfied the Entry Level Writing Requirement) that takes place on September 23
  • Meet your classmates at Discover Engineering: the College of Engineering’s welcome event for new students. Sign up for student organizations and meet faculty and staff advisors on September 24
  • Check GOLD for your New Student Profile, and other data about your academic record, such as transfer coursework, Advance Placement, and the Fall schedule.
  • Get a UCSB map and acquaint yourself with campus; find out where your classes will be held and where to park your bike, so you are ready when classes begin on September 26

Take Care of the Basics

Computer Course

If you have never had a computer programming class, we encourage you to take one during the summer, either at your local community college or in UCSB Summer Sessions. Students will be required to take at least one computing class during their freshman year, and we have found that students who have had no programming experience have a difficult time in these classes. If you will be majoring in computer engineering or computer science, this is especially important, so if you are unable to take a class before you start, be sure to enroll in an introductory programming course your first quarter.

Entry Level Writing Requirement

NOTE: If you have not satisfied the Entry Level Writing Requirement (ELWR) prior to September 22, 2013, you must take the Analytical Writing Placement Exam (AWPE) on campus on Monday September 23 at 8am. For details see: http://www.writing.ucsb.edu/academics/undergrad/awpe

All incoming freshmen at UCSB must satisfy the UC Entry Level Writing Requirement. This can be achieved by several means, including earning an acceptable score on AP exams or SAT tests, passing the UC systemwide Analytical Writing Placement exam (offered in May), passing campus writing placement exam offered the first week of Fall quarter, or taking an equivalent, transferable course at another college. Students who enter UCSB without having fulfilled this requirement must enroll in Writing 1 or 1E their first quarter at UCSB. Once students matriculate at UCSB, they may not fulfill this requirement by enrolling at another institution.

Mathematics Placement

The Calculus Placement Test is required for all students who have not placed into a Math 3 series course through AP scores or transfer work. The test is available online, and admitted students can take the exam as soon as they activate their Umail account. Information about the exam and the link to the test is at: http://www.math.ucsb.edu/ugrad/placement.php.

Study guides can be purchased from the UCSB Bookstore, contact Cynthia.Ellestad [at] bookstore.ucsb.edu Cynthia Ellestad for more information.

Summer Opportunities

Freshman Summer Start Program (FSSP)

If you are seeking a head-start on college, participate in FSSP. This exciting program offers an innovative summer term opportunity designed for admitted UCSB freshmen to get a head start on their courses and make a successful academic and social transition to UCSB. Freshman students who have been admitted for Fall are eligible to enroll in this program, financial aid is available for eligible students.

Orientation Program

The Summer Orientation Program will introduce you to the UCSB campus, important student services, and the academic expectations of the university. Students who attend Orientation will receive extensive academic advising, meet with faculty, staff and continuing UCSB students, and register for their fall quarter classes with assistance from our staff.

College Courses During Summer

If you want to take a summer course closer to home before starting your freshman year, attend your local college. Go to ASSIST to see how California Community College courses will be credited at UCSB.

Summer Institute in Mathematics and Science

The SIMS program brings new UCSB freshmen interested in engineering and science to campus for the Summer Institute in Mathematics and Science, a 2-week science intensive residential program hosted by the California NanoSystems Institute. Application deadline: May 24, 2013.

phone Questions? Talk to us. (805) 893-2809 coe-info [at] engineering.ucsb.edu
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