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Planned Outage Saturday, Sept. 19 from 4am to noon Planned Outage Saturday, Sept. 19 from 4am to noon

We have planned a major downtime for Saturday, September 19th from
4am – noon. During this time we will be rebooting and performing
checks on various systems. While every service will not be down the
entire time, you should plan for most CoE services to be unavailable
during the window. These include:

-       all CoE home directories and shares
-       windows filesharing
-       sending email
-       reading email
-       most websites
-       all instructional lab machines (Auhll, Honea (CSIL/EI), EII, Phelps, Cooper, etc.)
-       remote access machines ( and
-       GUS
-       FileMaker

These services will not be affected:
-       authentication
-       receiving email (although you won’t be able to read it)
-       wired and wireless network connectivity

While we are reserving this window of time for maintenance
we expect the actual work to take less time.  You can go to to check on the status.
If you have any questions regarding this please send an email

2015-09-14 23:53

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