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Press Releases for 2013

Researcher Igor Mezic Develops Way to Assess Stability of Power Grids in Real Time

Bio-inspired Research Expands at UCSB with Army Funding Renewal

Computer Science Professors Elevated to IEEE Fellows for 2014

Breaking the Code: Researchers Unlock Immunological Memory of Disease Triggers

Illustration of blue LED through yellow phosphor. Credit: Peter Allen

Breakthrough Research Illuminates the Way to Brighter and More Efficiently Produced Solid-State Lighting

IGERT Network Science UCSB

New Grad Program Dives into Emerging Fields of Big Data and Network Science

$3 million NSF grant empowers UC Santa Barbara graduate students to train for research of complex social, biological and computer networks in the new era of Big Data

Graphene transistor

Researchers Advance Scheme to Design Seamless Integrated Circuits Etched on Graphene

UC Santa Barbara researchers demonstrate seamless designing of an atomically-thin circuit with transistors and interconnects etched on a monolayer of graphene

UCSB professor Ben Zhao

Interview with CS Celebrity: Ben Zhao

Ben Zhao is a computer science professor at UCSB who made the TR35 list in 2006 and has since become a sought-after expert judge for innovator lists, hackathons and other competitions


Successful Trial of Inhaled Insulin a Major Advancement in Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes

UCSB Engineering researchers, in collaboration with the Sansum Diabetes Research Institute and Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, complete first clinical trial of ultra-rapid-acting inhaled insulin

UCSB faculty at 2013 BRAIN Symposium

BRAIN Symposium Showcases Neurotechnology Research in Engineering and the Sciences at UCSB

Otger Campas and postdocs

Postdoctoral Researchers in Mechanical Engineering Awarded Prestigious Fellowships

UCSB Professor John Bowers

Professor John Bowers to Give Prestigous UCSB Faculty Lecture on 'The Promise of Silicon Photonics' October 3

Thursday, October 3, 2013 at 4pm | ESB 1001


TE Connectivity Joins Industry Affiliates of UCSB's Terabit Optical Ethernet Center

TE Connectivity joins other TOEC affiliates such as Google, Verizon, and Intel with the goal of developing next-generation Ethernet to handle surging traffic, support cloud computing, and emerging applications

New Bioengineering Ph.D. Emphasis to Launch this Fall at UCSB

Professor Francesco Bullo Appointed New Chair of UCSB Mechanical Engineering Department

Professor Joao Hespanha Appointed New Chair of Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

Mechanical Engineering Professor Matthew Begley Receives Fraunhofer-Bessel Research Award

Craig Hawker

Materials Professor Craig Hawker Appointed New Director of California NanoSystems Institute

UCSB JPL and Caltech Robotics Team

UCSB-JPL-Caltech Team Advances in Highly Competitive DARPA Robotics Challenge

Back gated FET fabricated using monolayer tungsten diselenide

Two-Dimensional Atomically-Flat Transistors Show Promise for Next Generation Green Electronics

UC Santa Barbara researchers demonstrate first n-type field effect transistors on monolayer tungsten diselenide with record performance

Study Provides a New Framework for Understanding the Energetics of Ionic Liquids

UCSB chemical engineering and materials researchers outline a new framework for understanding the behavior of the charged molecules or particles in ionic liquids

New Additive Offers Near-Perfect Results as Nucleating Agent for Organic Semiconductors

Researchers at UC Santa Barbara develop a new method of controlling crystallization of organic semiconductors and increasing the yield of devices to nearly 100 percent using a low-cost, sugar-based additive

Professor Theodore Kim Receives UCSB Harold J. Plous Award

Chemical Engineering Professor O'Malley Receives 2013 DOE Early Career Award

Assistant Professor Michelle O'Malley recognized by US Department of Energy for innovative research on cellulose biofuel conversion

John Bowers

John Bowers Receives UCSB Faculty's Top Honor

Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and of Materials has been named Faculty Research Lecturer for 2013

Tobias Hollerer

Mapping the Online Landscape to Predict, Prevent Digital Tipping Points

UCSB Computer Science professors receive a 10-year grant to explore network dynamics

Materials Professor Galen Stucky Elected to National Academy of Sciences

Professor Michelle O'Malley

Horse Gut Fungus Converts Cellulose into Biofuels

Peretti, Weisbuch and Martinelli

Cause of LED Efficiency Droop Finally Revealed

Researchers at UC Santa Barbara and École Polytechnique confirm that Auger recombination theory is responsible for LED droop phenomenon

Leiden Rankings Place UCSB at No. 2 in the World for Research Citation Impact

Vigil & Sweeney

Computer Science PhD Students Awarded Prestigious NSF Graduate Research Fellowships

Engineering Professors Receive NSF Early Career Awards to Support Promising Research

Keith Kedward

Professor Keith Kedward Wins Prestigious AIAA-ASC Starnes Award in Structural Mechanics

Rod-shaped chemotherapy drug nanoparticles bind more efficiently to receptors on cancer cells. Credit: Peter Allen

Changing Shape Makes Chemotherapy Drugs Better at Targeting Cancer Cells

Researchers at UC Santa Barbara find that making anti-cancer drug particles rod-shaped significantly increases their ability to target and inhibit breast cancer cells

Power conversion by gold nanorod

Researchers Develop New Way of Harvesting Solar Energy Using Nanoparticles in Water

Jacob Isrealachvili, Xavier Banquy, and Dong Woog Lee

Researchers Use Molecular Acoustics to Reveal 'Slip-Stick Friction' Mechanics of Arthritis

Chemical Engineering and Materials researchers use Surface Forces Apparatus to characterize types of friction between cartilage surfaces

Staff of Technology Management Program UCSB

Technology Management Program to Offer Graduate Degree for the Tech Entrepreneur

UCSB's tech start-up program will begin offering a fast-track Master's degree in 2014

John Latto (left) and Jane Lin

UCSB Launches Bioengineering Academic Program

New concentration in Bioengineering at UC Santa Barbara is designed to propel students into careers in biomedical research

UCSB Assistant Professor Theodore Kim

The Oscar Goes to... Professor Theodore Kim for Blockbuster Special Effects

UCSB Professor Wins Technical Achievement Oscar for Wavelet Turbulence Simulation

Matthew Turk

UCSB Engineering Professor Honored as IEEE Fellow

Computer Science professor Matthew Turk has been elevated to the rank of Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Frank Doyle and Jamey Marth

Researchers Uncover Cellular Metabolism Triggers that Lead to Type 2 Diabetes

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