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March 4, 2010

Science and Technology Day

Los Ingenieros and MESA team up to bring 700+ underrepresented youth from the Tri-County area to Science and Technology day at UCSB

"By the end of Science and Technology / MESA Day, we want students to leave UCSB with the idea that the STEM (Science, technology, engineering and math) fields can be interesting, applicable to everyday life, fun - and most importantly - that college is an exciting and attainable goal," states Enrique Guzman, Co-chair of Los Ingenieros, "This year Los Ingenieros in conjunction with MESA Programs will be hosting the 11th annual Science & Technology MESA Day here at UCSB." 

These annual large-scale outreach efforts by Los Ingenieros, a student organization on campus, and MESA, Mathematics Engineering Sciences Achievement) Programs, could not be coming at a better time. America's Institute for Research reports that children are in need of a huge math and science boost, stating in a recent research study, "student achievement in middle and high schools continues to lag in the areas of mathematics and science". In the past NAEP (National Assessment for Educational Progress) has reported that weakness in math and science was high when assessing the performance of U.S students compared to that of international success. Outreach events such as Los Ingenieros and MESA's Science and Technology Day are critical in promoting and inspiring students to pursue academic preparation and careers in math, science and engineering. Guzman explains, "All of the (STEM) targeted students have some academic hurdles to overcome, whether the hurdles are a lack of financial support, educational mentors, college knowledge, or appropriate resources... we inspire students about study and career fields that have, in the past, been obscure and typically labeled "unrealistic" for underrepresented students."

For more stats and info on students success: [download.microsoft.com/.../Call%20for%20middle%20school%20reform_ 11%201%2006%20version.pdf]           

During Science and Technology Day, students from nearby schools meet on campus to pursue UC Santa Barbara's goal of getting young students to have positive attitudes about math and science and rear their attitudes to possible engineering majors and to strive for a higher education! They partake in workshops and fun activities that expand their knowledge about science and technology. "Some of the competitions include things like mouse trap cars, paper airplane contests, wood cars, just all focusing on the science and engineering and why things work," says Sergio Sanchez, Student Council and Org. member of Los Ingenieros. 

With influential speakers from UCSB and inspiring activities, this is a wonderful chance for underprivileged children to explore the UC campus and participate in one of the biggest outreach events hosted by a student organization.

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