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August 2, 2011

Top Research Citation Ranking Shows Impact of UCSB Materials Department

Materials research at UCSB ranks second in the world in terms of citation impact according to a new report by Thomson Reuters . Out of the top 100 most cited researchers in the world, 5 professors from the UCSB Materials department make the list – Professors Heeger, Stucky, Bazan, Wudl, and Hawker – indicating that Materials research at UCSB is one of the strongest and most influential Materials programs in the world.

The citing of a scholar's research (as represented by a published scientific paper) in another researcher's published work is viewed as a strong indication of the importance of the original work and the influence it might have. University officials, research administrators, and funding agencies often look to such statistics as one way to measure the impact of a particular research program, especially in the fields of science and engineering.

"To be ranked above traditional powerhouses like MIT and Stanford is a real vindication of the unique, highly collaborative approach to materials research that UCSB has pioneered," commented Professor Craig J. Hawker, director of the Materials Research Laboratory. "This is also an excellent indicator of the impact that UCSB is having in economically important areas such as materials for energy production/storage, next generation microelectronics, and medically relevant biomaterials."

With labs housed at UCSB’s Materials Research Laboratory (MRL), the philosophy of the Materials research department at UCSB is that graduate education is most effective in a collaborative, multidisciplinary academic environment. In 2010, the UCSB Materials Department was ranked as the no. 1 materials science graduate program nationwide.

"This very high ranking by Thomson Reuters is an exciting affirmation of the tremendous impact of materials science and engineering research taking place at UC Santa Barbara," said Chancellor Henry T. Yang. "We are very proud of the pioneering contributions and achievements of our faculty and researchers in our first-ranked Materials Department and our various world-leading centers, institutes, and laboratories in materials research."

In materials research citation impact, the University of Washington is the only program ranked above UCSB, according to the report. Others on the list included UC Berkeley, the University of Groningen in The Netherlands, Harvard University, and MIT. In number of total citations, UCSB ranks 16th worldwide.


Materials Research at UCSB

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