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October 12, 2011

UCSB Professors Donate 1,000 Solar Lights to DRI’s Child Health Program in Africa

Non-profit organizations founded by Professors Glenn Fredrickson and John Bowers provided essential lighting for childbirth program in Africa

via The Santa Barbara Independent

Direct Relief International, a leading medical relief organization, today announced that the KAITEKI Institute has donated one thousand solar-powered lights made by the nonprofit organization Unite to Light to support its maternal and child health programs.

The high-performance, long-lasting lights will be provided to support midwifery training programs in countries around the world. Edna Adan University Hospital in Somaliland, one of Direct Relief’s key partners in the Horn of Africa, will be a key recipient of the lights. In Africa and around the world, Direct Relief supports midwife training programs, provides basic medical supplies and surgical equipment to assist in times of obstetric emergencies.

“We are dedicated to finding long-term solutions that will help improve the health and comfort of people around the globe,” said Dr. Glenn Fredrickson, Executive Director of the KAITEKI Institute and Director of the UCSB-based Mitsubishi Chemical Center for Advanced Materials. “The women of Africa need our help and we are pleased to be working with Unite to Light to support Direct Relief International’s unparalleled work on maternal health.”

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UCSB Professor Glenn Fredrickson is Executive Director of KAITEKI Institute, Inc. 

The KAITEKI Institute, Inc. was launched in April 2009 as a vehicle for far-reaching investigations into some of the most challenging problems and trends that are faced by mankind, including sustainable energy and chemicals, climate change and CO2 utilization, regional shortages of food and water, and aging societies. Of particular concern are the future needs of developed and developing countries in the areas of healthcare, wellness, and comfort. The Institute is charged with providing strategic advice to its MCHC parent based on the results of these investigations and executing virtual research programs through a global network of partner institutions that will support future business activities within the MCHC Group. For more information: http://www.kaiteki-institute.com.

UCSB Professor John Bowers is Founder of Unite to Light  

Unite to Light was founded with the initial assistance of the University of California at Santa Barbara and its world-renowned Institute for Energy Efficiency.  Headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, the nonprofit organization provides high efficiency and earth-friendly lighting to people around the world who do not have reliable electricity and has delivered lights to over seventeen countries, on four continents. For more information: http://www.unite-to-light.org.

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