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October 17, 2011

Computer Science Professor Kruegel Receives IBM Faculty Award

Professor Christopher Kruegel has been honored as one of the recipients of a 2011 IBM Faculty Award for his collaborative research with IBM on the detection, analysis, and mitigation of malicious software. Kruegel is a member of the Computer Security Group in the Computer Science department at UCSB, working on topics such as protection from malware, web security, and social network security.

"Fighting malicious software is important because it is the root cause of many security threats that we face today on the Internet, such as spam emails, financial fraud, identify theft, and denial of service attacks," said Professor Kruegel. "This work is part of the broader research agenda of the Computer Security Group at UC Santa Barbara, which aims to improve the security of computer systems and users. For example, our work covers topics such as web security, social network security, and the security of electronic voting systems. Besides the research aspects, the collaboration with IBM will also strengthen the education we can provide to students, since they will be exposed to the views, problems, and constraints of people working in industry."

"Professor Chris Kruegel is one of the world's preeminent researchers in computer and network security research. IBM's research award is a clear recognition of the significance of his work," said Professor Subhash Suri, Chair of the Computer Science department.

The IBM Faculty Award is a competitive worldwide program that aims to foster collaboration between IBM and researchers at leading universities. The program promotes courseware and curriculum innovation to stimulate growth in disciplines that are strategic to IBM.

Christopher Kruegel is an Associate Professor of Computer Science and holder of the Eugene Aas Chair in Computer Science at UCSB. He is involved with the International Secure Systems Lab, a union of five systems security research labs originally founded in 2005 at the Technical University of Vienna. In 2010, he was named one of the TR35: Innovators Under 35 by MIT Technology Review.

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