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March 28, 2012

More than a Leader in Energy Efficiency Research, UCSB Also 'Living Laboratory' for Saving Energy

In a recent story on Yahoo! Finance, Southern California Edison and The Climate Registry have honored UCSB with membership in the Cool Planet Project for its commitment to environmental stewardship and for taking action on climate change. The program encourages energy efficiency as a way to reduce carbon use. By 2014, UCSB plans to reduce greenhouse gases to levels emitted in 2000, with an ultimate goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050.

Since inception of the energy savings program in 2004, “UCSB has implemented $22 million worth of energy conservation projects. UCSB has committed approximately $17 million in energy projects for the current three-year period. Projects focus on lighting and HVAC retrofits as well as Monitoring Based Commissioning. Electric and natural gas utilities that serve the campus have provided a combined $5.8 million in incentive funding for these projects and the cumulative energy savings are estimated to be $3 million per year.”

Programs affiliated with the College of Engineering were mentioned in the article. “UCSB houses the Solid State Lighting & Energy Center and the Institute for Energy Efficiency, devoted to addressing challenges and breakthroughs in the energy sector. The Solid State Lighting & Energy Center develops new semiconductor based technologies for energy efficient lighting, solar energy conversion, and power electronics. Economic policies and technologies to promote energy efficiency are the focus at the Institute for Energy Efficiency.”

"UC Santa Barbara is a leader not only in innovative research, but also in pioneering practices for environmental conservation and sustainability," said UCSB Chancellor Henry T. Yang. "I am proud of the commitment of our staff, faculty, and students to find exemplary ways to decrease emissions and enhance the health of our planet. We are honored to be recognized by Southern California Edison and The Climate Registry for our collaborative and ongoing efforts."


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