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August 6, 2013

UCSB Postdoctoral Fellow Wins Baxter Young Investigator Award

Postdoctoral Fellow Seung Soo Oh is one of the 2013 recipients of the Baxter Young Investigator Award for his research on aptamer polymer hybrids. Oh is a researcher in the Soh Lab and in the Hawker Research Group at UCSB.

Baxter International Inc. is a global healthcare company specializing in medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology. To further promote innovative research, Baxter sponsors an annual award program for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.

Baxter's Young Investigator Awards are intended to stimulate and reward research applicable to the development of therapies and medical products that save and sustain patients' lives. First tier awards include a $2,000 cash prize and an onsite presentation of the award-winning research. Second tier awards will receive a $500 cash prize.


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