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January 28, 2002

Nakamura Wins Franklin Medal

Santa Barbara, Calif. -- Shuji Nakamura, professor of materials at the UCSB College of Engineering, has won the 2002 Benjamin Franklin Medal in Engineering, which will be awarded April 25 at ceremonies being held at the Franklin Institute of Philadelphia.

According to his award citation, "Nakamura's fundamental influence in the technology of gallium-nitride and his development of violet/blue Laser Diodes and High Brightness Blue and Green Light Emitting Diodes have improved today's technology and are revolutionizing the lighting industry."

In addition to engineering, Benjamin Franklin Medals are awarded to recognize accomplishments in chemistry, life sciences, physics, earth science, and computer and cognitive science.

Among the oldest comprehensive science and technology awards programs in the world, the Franklin Institute Medals have recognized preeminent accomplishment in science and technology since 1824, in the spirit of discovery embodied by Benjamin Franklin.

Ninety-eight Franklin Institute laureates have received Nobel Prizes in their respective fields--14 in the last five years alone, resulting in a mounting distinction for the awards as a bellwether for the Nobels. A virtual who's who of 19th and 20th century scientific achievement, the list of venerable honorees includes Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Orville Wright, Marie and Pierre Curie, Jacques Cousteau and Stephen Hawking.


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