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Advising and Student Services

Advising Resources

Students in the College of Engineering have access to three levels of advising:

  1. College Advisors: Advisors in the College of Engineering Office of Undergraduate Studies are available to counsel students on their General Education requirements as well as general advising on their major requirements.
  2. Departmental Advisors: The departmental advisors are available to give students more specific advising on their major requirements, such as course scheduling and progress checks to determine the courses remaining to complete their degree.
  3. Faculty Advisors: All engineering students are assigned a faculty advisor, usually during their junior and senior years. The faculty advisors advise students on course content and help students select the appropriate major field electives to best meet their particular interests and career goals.

Campus Learning Assistance Services (CLAS)

CLAS assists students with mastering course material through course-specific tutoring and academic skills workshops. Their course specific tutoring is available for a wide range of lower division courses. Drop-in tutoring is available for writing, math, science, statistics, economics, and foreign language. The academic skills workshops are small group workshops that focus on subjects like organizing your time, taking good lecture notes, reading strategies, exam preparation, and many other topics.

College of Engineering Tutoring

The College of Engineering offers tutoring in engineering subjects not covered by CLAS. Tutoring sessions are organized at the students' request and are usually led by students from one of the engineering honors societies.

Office of Student Life

The Office of Student Life serves many purposes on campus including: student support in emergencies, a point of contact between the university and campus student organizations, and houses the Office of Judicial Affairs. For more information about OSL, see their web site.


Contact us at: admissions [at] engineering [dot] ucsb [dot] edu

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