UCSB Engineering

Student Labs and Facilities

Engineering Computer Infrastructure (ECI)

ECI provides the information technology infrastructure for the College of Engineering and manages the computer accounts and laboratories used by undergraduates. Four labs are managed by ECI:

  • Engineering 1 Lab (Harold Frank Hall, Room 1140)
  • Engineering 2 Lab (Engr II, Room 3236)
  • CAD (Computer Aided Design) Lab (Engr II, Room 2243)
  • CSIL (Computer Science Instructional Lab) - Open to Computer Science majors and students enrolled in CS courses. (Harold Frank Hall, Room 1138)

Instructional Computing (IC)

IC provides a variety of computing services for the UCSB community including open-access computing labs and software workshops. There are 7 labs in Phelps hall, one of which is always designated as open-access, as well as the Language and Media labs in Kerr Hall.

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