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The College of Engineering encourages its students to study abroad through the UC Education Abroad Program (EAP). In our globalized world, engineering programs are becoming increasingly international, and in the course of their careers, many engineers will find themselves working abroad or collaborating with engineers from around the world. Many engineering firms are multinational in character, and engineers with cross-cultural skills will be increasingly in demand in the workforce. EAP provides an opportunity for getting a jump on your career.

Some students spend just a summer abroad while many others go for the entire year. To find out more about EAP for engineering students, go to the EAP website or email your questions to: eap@engineering.ucsb.edu

Resources for Students

Go abroad!

"I can't express how memorable and worthwhile my EAP experience was. The international exposure, a large leap outside my comfort zone, will forever be an irreplaceable and extremely rewarding year that I will never forget."

John - EAP with University of New South Wales

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