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Transfer Student Opportunities

Engineering transfer students generally require two to three years to complete their degree, but many students shorten their time to degree by attending UCSB summer sessions prior to their first quarter at UCSB, see http://www.summer.ucsb.edu

Programs Available for Transfer Students

  • The Summer Orientation Program will introduce you to the UCSB campus, important student services, and the academic expectations of the university level. Students who attend Orientation will receive extensive academic advising, meet with faculty, staff and continuing UCSB students, and register for their fall quarter classes with assistance from our staff, see: http://www.sa.ucsb.edu/orientation/
  • Newly admitted Transfer Students wanting assistance in acclimating to campus can also participate in the Summer Transitions Program. See http://www.summer.ucsb.edu/transitions/transitions.html
  • Undergraduate students enrolled at a California Community College or a California State University campus may enroll in a University of California campus without formal admission for a maximum of one course per quarter. See: Intersegmental Cross Enrollment Program (ICE)

Transfer students eager to participate in scientific research prior to beginning at UCSB should consider a pursuing a summer enrichment program. Here are some opportunities:

Numerous opportunities are also available at other prestigious universities across the nation. For more information, begin with an internet search using the phrase 'summer research for engineering students'.

Need more information?

Contact us at: admissions@engineering.ucsb.edu


Contact us at: admissions [at] engineering [dot] ucsb [dot] edu

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